What Is Printing Ink?

Printing ink is a general term frequently used in printing.  These inks can vary depending on colourant pigments and colour-enhancing…

What Is Air Entraining?

Air entraining additives were initially developed in the 1930s. They are usually defined as the products added to the concrete…
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What Are Filler Materials?

The construction sector is growing day by day. The use of quality materials in the developing construction sector is critical.…
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What Is Emulsion Paint?

Emulsion paints are a type of paint that contains water-dissolved binder, filler and pigment particles and generally used indoor applications.…
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What Is Powder Antifoaming?

Powder antifoaming, also known as foam remover is a name given to additives used to prevent a solution or emulsion…
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What Is A Thickener?

These additives, called thickeners, are basically rheological additives used in paint systems and are the main ones of materials often…
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What Is Ceramic Adhesive?

Ceramic adhesives are strong epoxy, cement or dispersion based adhesive and often used in bonding process of materials such as…
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What Is A Jacketing Adhesive?

Jacketing adhesive is a cement-based, fiber-reinforced, special adhesive that allows thermal insulation boards to be easily glued to surfaces such…
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What Are Paint Chemicals?

Coating used to color or protect an object or objects is called paint. Paint is suitable for almost all materials.…
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What Is Poraver? What Is It Used For?

Poraver is heat-resistant light filling materials used in the construction of plasters, ceramic bonding mortars, repair mortar, insulation plaster, light…