About Us

Managing being one of the leading companies in the sector for more than 35 years, Kimteks has the characteristic of a company that is well known in the sector by its honesty, environmental awareness, ethical principles, and structure that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Kimteks, which has developed a close bond with its stakeholders and customers thanks to its 35 years of experience, has moved to an international position in the import and export of paint raw materials and has become one of the leading raw material companies in Turkey through its distributorships.

Being always a leader in global markets, Kimteks has always been ahead of its competitors with its product diversity and quality.

Because of its commitment to fundamental principles and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Kimteks always establishes strong business partnerships and also increases its share in the market every day with its strong stock and ambitious structure.

Positioned at a separate point especially due to honesty, environmental awareness and ethical principles compared to many other companies Kimteks is a remarkable company due to using materials only proven by various tests that are not harmful to the environment and its attitudes in terms of environmental awareness.

Kimteks, which draws attention with its honest and open communication oriented service approach, has adopted to move forward in accordance with its goals in accordance with legislation, rules and policies, including foreign and domestic one in all organizations that it plans to implement. Kimteks offers the best product quality and prices to its customers in its operations.