Our Rules

Environmental Awareness

Kimteks has been acting with environmental awareness and ethical understanding for more than 30 years. Environmental awareness, which is one of the building blocks of Kimteks is highly appreciated in Kimteks. The products and tools used are presented to our customers after passed the necessary tests. In the tests, environmental risks are minimized and environmental awareness is increased.

Ethical Behavior

Kimteks has gained a reputable place in the market with its honesty, environmental awareness and ethical understanding. Adopting an honest and open communication oriented service approach; Kimteks maintains its relationship with its business partners at a high level by paying attention to the sine qua non rules of its business activities. Kimteks progresses in accordance with its goals in line with legislation, rules and policies in all foreign and domestic organizations.

Our Quality

Our company’s mission is to increase product diversity through progressing in a systematic way. Our company has adopted customer satisfaction oriented service approach. We act by listening to the requests and suggestions of our customers and examining the emerging market economy. By improving the usage quality and usage areas of our products, we bring quality service together with our customers. We know that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to parameters such as quality, price, performance, service and logistics. We offer the best product quality and prices to our customers with our operations.