Kimteks was founded in 1986 in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Since its foundation, our company has developed in many areas and its innovative products are delivered to all manufacturers in Turkey and the world.

With the contributions of our employees and distributors, Kimteks has become a dynamic, global and customer satisfaction oriented company.

Emin Cihangir Üsel and Sami Maçoro founded Kimteks in Istanbul
Cooperation with SCHULKE & Mayr/ Germany initiated
Titandioxide Agreement was made with CINKARNA / Slovenia
Agocel acquired from CHT / Germany
Cooperation with Polisan in the field of binding has begun
Cellflow procurement from CP KELCO/ America for paint industry started
Kimteks Ankara branch was opened with faster access and better service understanding
By increasing the number of warehouses, stock capacity has strengthened
Methyl ethyl ketoxime acquired from India market
Cellulose import for construction chemicals started from China
Calcite, aluminum silicate sales started with Omya / Turkey cooperation
Binder and wetter acquired from Argon
Powder polymer cooperation with VINAVIL/ Italy started
Supply of biocide, wetter and antifoaming started from LAMIRSA / Spain
Glass globes were acquired from PORAVER/ Germany in the heat and insulation sector..
Agreement was made with SHANDONG HEAD factory on Headcell in Far East market
300 customer targets successfully reached in Turkish market
Film-making products were acquired from the Chinese market.